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What is there to say about me? By day I am a mild-mannered computer nerd. The rest of the time I turn into an artist, musician and zoo-keeper.

click to see my canoe biggerSeriously, my education is in languages and computers and I have far too many degrees than are good for me. Okay, I like learning stuff.

I now work as a spinner, dyer and woodworker.

I have been making moccasins and mukluks since 1993, an interest that was sparked by my neighbour Val's collection of books and crafts. Moccasin making is strictly a part-time business for me.

I am also interested in other traditional crafts such as basket making using hand pounded ash, hide tanning, rug hooking, hand spinning, and birchbark canoe building. That's me in the canoe I made a couple of years ago.

Four cats help also me with my crafts: Spotty, Elfy, Sandy and Lucky Pickle.

Email: judy_kavanagh@rogers.com


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