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These are some moccasins from my personal collection. They are not for sale. You can see a larger version of each picture (approx. 25K) by clicking on the photo

I bought these lovely moccasins on ebay. They came to me from Victoria, B.C. The seller told me they were originally from a trading post in Carmacks, Yukon from the 1920'3 or 30's.

These moccasins were made by Mary Sassie Sr. and marketed by Acho Dene Native Crafts of Fort Liard in the Northwest Territories. They are 8 1/2 inches long and are made of smoked moosehide with blue wool cuffs around the heels and beaver fur trim. I bought them from the Snow Goose gallery in Ottawa.

This is a beautifully made pair of Innu smoked caribou moccasins from Davis Inlet, Labrador. The sewing on these is amazing and the way the heel is made is very interesting - see a detail of the heel.

Another pair of moccasins from Acho Dene and the Snow Goose. This little pair is fully beaded on smoked moosehide with white rabbit trim.

I love this old style of moccasins. These are made of very soft home-tanned deerskin and the person who sold them to me said they came from the estate of a man who lived and traded with the Chippewa (Ojibwe) people in northern Minnesota from the turn of the century to the 1950's.

An old pair of men's moccasins that came to me from Maine via ebay. The bottoms are home-tanned moosehide and the ankle flaps are a lighter hide, probably deer. The beads are very small on these moccasins.

These children's size moccasins were a flea market find. The seller told me they were from Alberta. They are made on smoke tanned hide.


A tiny pair of Plains style baby moccasins, fully beaded, that I bought on ebay

I found these interesting moccasins at a local antique sale. The vamps are beaded on cotton cloth and the bottoms are commercial leather, perhaps cowhide. They have duffle liners and the shape of the foot is like some Inuit kamiks I have seen. I am guessing that they might be Inuit. Does anyone recognize the style?

These lovely Cree moccasins are both embroidered and beaded, on the vamps and the sides. They are made of home-tanned hide and are another ebay find.


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