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Mukluk # 49 Traditional mukluks in a women's size 7 to 8 that are great for snowshoeing or wearing around the house. The bottoms are smoked moosehide and the tops are canvas with braid trim and wool ties. 100% wool duffle liners that are hand washable. Some of the warmest footwear you will ever wear.

These mukluks are for sale.

Mukluk # 48 These very traditional mukluks made to fit a man size 9 1/2 to 10 1/2. The bottoms are smoked moosehide and the tops are canvas with braid trim and wool ties. The liners are made of 100% wool duffle and are hand washable. Very warm!

These mukluks have gone to Colorado.

Mukluk # 45 This is a pair of traditional snowshoe mukluks ready for winter. They are a men's size 10-10 1/2, made with brain-tanned smoked moosehide bottoms, canvas tops, braid trim, hand braided wool ties, washable wool duffle liners and felt insoles. Both warm and light, they make snowshoeing a delight. See a photo of the duffle liners.
Mukluk # 40

Rich in Chicago, an avid collector of native-made snowshoes, wanted mukluks for snowshoeing. This pair is made of brain-tanned and smoked moosehide prepared by a Dene lady in northern Saskatchewan. They have canvas tops with braid and double soles. Here's what Rich says about his mukluks.

Mukluk # 41

I finally got around to making myself a pair of snowshoe mukluks and I really can't tell you how nice they are to snowshoe in. They have brain-tanned smoked moosehide bottoms, canvas tops, thick duffle liners, felt insoles, braid for decoration and wool ties. I tend to get cold feet outside but these mukluks are so warm and comfy they feel like clouds on my feet. Wearing them outside in the snow feels like I am barefoot because they are so light and have soft soles. At the same time my feet are cozy and warm. I also wear them inside the house too. Because they are made of natural breathable materials they are not too warm even inside the house. You can see a picture of me snowshoeing on a cold day.

Muk #17 Mukluk # 17

Raymond from Quebec ordered these mukluks for his wife for Christmas and later bought a pair for himself. They have moosehide bottoms with double soles, deerhide tops and red wool duffle liners.

Muk #33 Mukluk # 33

Martin in Ottawa ordered these mukluks in the summer but didn't want to wait until winter to wear them. They have moosehide bottoms and deerhide tops with braid trim and beaded bear paw prints. They have wool duffle liners.

Muk #24 Mukluk # 24

I traded these mukluks with Dot in Ottawa for one of her beautiful decorated paddles. She plans to wear them for winter camping. They are made of moose and deerhide and are trimmed with braid. They have Sorel felt liners and extra duffle liners on the foot.


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