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Arts and crafts information

An old pair of Athapaskan mukluks from the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

Beads and Beadwork Very interesting information put together by Paula Giese: bandolier bags, powwow outfits, history and cultural values of beads, beadwork and spirituality, how beadwork is done... part of the Native American Indian Resources page.

Tara Prindle's NativeTech page contains information about all kinds of native crafts and technology.

Caribou: Clothing and Shelter in Old Crow, Yukon

Moccasins, mukluks and gloves made in Deline in the Northwest Territories

Photograph of Fred W. Fickett in an Athabascan beaded jacket which was taken after the return of the Allen Expedition, from the University of Alaska archives

Porcupine quillwork from NativeTech

Arapaho moccasins an article from Tomahawk and Long Rifle by Dick James with a good diagram of the pattern and beadwork

The Petroglyphs of Hudson Strait by Fred Bruemmer

The Inuit Parka: Function and Metaphor from the Spirit Sings: Artistic Traditions of Canada's First Peoples

In Cape Dorset We Do It This Way: Three Decades of Inuit Printmaking

The Cape Dorset Prints

Comments on Carving Soapstone

C. Wetherill's Navajo Weaving Corner - lots of information about Navajo weaving

Alaska Native Traditional Dress Resources

Innu Material Culture Objects at the Newfoundland Museum

An article about Eva McAdams: Shoshone Regalia Maker from the National Endowment for the Arts

First Nations Art - An introduction to contemporary native artists in Canada

Arts and crafts for sale

Arts and Crafts from Toksook Bay, Alaska

Custom quillwork by Minx

Acho Dene Native Crafts in Fort Liard in the Northwest Territories. I have two pairs of their beautiful moccasins. They also have stunning quilled birchbark baskets.

Ivalu in Rankin Inlet in the Northwest Territories sells unique clothing

American Indian Fine Art Museum Reproductions by Jerry Fahrenthold

Nancy Fonicello's Ancient Artways Studios - beautiful quillwork from Montana

Ric Carter and Danneil Juhl - Indian Artifact Reproductions and Restoration - wonderful 19th century style beadwork

Martha Berry is a Cherokee beadwork artist who makes beaded art inspired by traditional Southeastern Woodlands Native American Indian bead work

Northwest Traders makes capotes and capote kits and sells blankets

Native Reproductions By C. A. Peters - stunning Native American reproduction beadwork

Old Indian beadwork from Hunter's Trading Post


Bibliographies of Northern and Central California Indians from the University of California, Berkeley

Alaska Native Costume Bibliography - an excellent resource

A comprehensive list of books on North American Indian Art from the Wallace Library at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Books, magazines, TV, films and videos

Kamik is a video from the National Film Board of Canada about an Inuit woman making kamiks (waterproof sealskin boots). This page describes the video and how to order it.

How to Make Moccasins (I have this video and it's very good) from 3D Publishing

Another good bookstore on-line: Amazon.com books

GoodMinds.com - an on-line bookstore carrying books, videos, cassettes, CDs by and about First Nations / Native Americans. I met them at the Toronto powwow and they have great materials.

Native Americas - Akwe:kon's Journal of Indigenous Issues from Akwe:kon Press of the Native American Indian Program at Cornell University.

Native Peoples magazine

The Beaver magazine, established in 1920 by the Hudson's Bay Company

Northwest Journal , "Canada's finest fur trade living history and re-enactment publication"

People from Our Side by Peter Pitseolak is an amazing account of Inuit life told in stories and photographs by Peter Pitseolak. "Peter Pitseolak took his first picture in the 1930s for a white man who was scared to approach a polar bear. Peter Pitseolak wasn't sure it was such a safe idea either and he said to a fellow hunter, "If he starts to move, you may shoot him." But he got the picture and in the early '40s, while working for the Baffin Trading Company, which arrived as competition for the Hudson's Bay Company in Cape Dorset in 1939, he acquired his own camera."

Peter Pitseolak's Escape from Death by Peter Pitseolak and Dorothy Eber

Canadian Eskimo Art by James Houston

Craft supplies

Tandy Leather in Canada and in the USA - Has a mail order catalogue that includes leather, tools, beads, books

The Wandering Bull

OCB Trading Post

Tara Prindle's NativeTech page contains information about all kinds of native crafts and technology. Her Source List for Craft Supplies is excellent if you are looking for fur, leather, beads, quills or other native craft supplies.

Buckskin Fur and Leather Co. in Calgary, Alberta

Copper Coyote Beads

Cultural Appropriation

I've been looking into the issue of cultural appropriation a lot lately since I am a white person making native-style crafts. Cultural appropriation has been defined as the use of First Nations cultural motifs, themes, voices, images, etc. without appropriate context or in a way that may misrepresent the real experience of the people from whose culture it is drawn. Here is what others are saying about it.

Footprints in New Snow - Postmodernism or Cultural Appropriation by Christos Hatzis. Christos says "Footprints in New Snow, a CBC radio program about the Inuit and their katajjaq (vocal games) created by me and produced by Keith Horner in 1996, was the first project which made me aware of the questions arising from the use of aboriginal sonic material in contemporary composition"

Inspiration comes in many forms - The cultural appropriation debate by Julie Deichmann, Director, Indigenous Art Gallery, Art Vision International

On Cultural Appropriation by Ron Stacy. Ron is a non-native artist who paints pictures of Northwest Coast native mythological characters in a modern representational style

A modern illustration of cultural appropriation : Japanese Occidental painting by Joël Bouderlique, University of Tsukuba, 

Pauktuutit, the Inuit Women's Association in Canada is working on examining the legal protections required for the amouti (traditional Inuit woman’s parka) as an example of individual and collective property Here's an article from the CBC about their fight

The women of Pauktuutit are also worried about Donna Karan using traditional designs in her fashion line.

If Only I Were an Indian A film directed by John Paskievich. "A group of Czechs and Slovaks, disenchanted with both communism and its aftermath, gathers in a field to build and live in teepees, create and smoke peace pipes -- to get in touch with the North American aboriginal way of life and live it. When three aboriginal elders from Manitoba go to visit them, a film crew documents the trip." An interview with John Paskievich.

Protecting indigenous people's folklore through copyright law an essay from Australia by Dieter Dambiec

A Line in the Sand - a whole site devoted to cultural property issues

Cultural (Mis)appropriation from the Information and Communication Law Site in Australia


The Whetung Ojibwe Crafts and Art Gallery in Curve Lake, Ontario is an amazing place. I can spend hours there just looking. Whatever you are looking for, they probably have it - quillwork, beadwork, furs, birchbark canoes, skin kayaks, paintings, Inuit kamiks, amauti, beaded jackets, moccasins, snowshoes, parkas. (Plus they have a really nice cat).

The Morning Star Gallery in Santa Fe. The Morning Star Gallery advertises themselves as the World's Leading Gallery for Antique American Indian Tribal Art and they have a wonderful collection of almost 500 on-line photos of moccasins, clothing and other items, all for sale.

Gallery of the Midnight Sun in Yellowknife

Reflections of Culture

Turkey Mountain Traders in Scottsdale, Arizona - antique American Indian Art

Spirit Horse Gallery - Lakota art

The Snow Goose - here in Ottawa, Ontario

Sherwoods Spirit of America in Santa Fe sells antique American Indian artifacts including moccasins


First Nations Directory and Web site

Native Web whose purpose is to "provide a cyber-place for Earth's indigenous peoples"

Plaza del Sol - a resource directory of indigenous people and cultures of the Americas

Native Trail - La piste amérindienne


An introduction to Ojibway culture and history by Kevin Callahan at the University of Minnesota

First Nations Histories

The Beaver magazine, established in 1920 by the Hudson's Bay Company

Northwest Journal , Canada's finest fur trade living history and re-enactment publication

Beothuk Religious Beliefs and Practices from Dr. Hans Rollmann of the Department of Religious Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Moccasins and mukluks for sale

Mary Carl's mukluks and parkas from Toksook Bay, Alaska

Agawa Indian Crafts - The Canadian Carver. They have various styles of moccasins and mukluks, mostly manufactured ones.

The Chukchi Sea Trading Company in Alaska sells native Alaskan crafts. They will make mukluks and fur parkas to order.

Minnetonka Moccasins - commercially made moccasins

Steger Mukluks - warm moosehide mukluks with rubber soles. They have a great catalogue that shows more styles than on the Web site.

The Gallery of the Midnight Sun in Yellowknife sells Inuit kamiks, Dene home-tanned moose and caribou moccasins and mukuks as well as jackets, parkas, mitts, hats etc.

Maria Beardy of Sachigo Lake, Ontario makes beautiful beaded moccasins, mukluks, mittens

Acho Dene Native Crafts in Fort Liard in the Northwest Territories. I have two pairs of their beautiful moccasins. They also have stunning quilled birchbark baskets.

Beautiful antique (and expensive) moccasins from Sherwoods Spirit of America in Santa Fe


The Arctic Studies Center at the Smithsonian Museum. See the Crossroads of Continents Exhibit, an exhibit of Yupik Masks with audio and video and lots more.

Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum in Warner, New Hampshire

The Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto has a large permanent collection of Native American footwear and has published some interesting books on this subject.

The Woodland Cultural Centre in Brantford, Ontario.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, Québec. Find out about Plains moccasins, native clothing in Threads of the Land or look at native watercraft or Snow Travel in Ancient Canada. There's lots more interesting stuff here too. The Canadian Museum of Civilization was designed by architect Douglas Cardinal who also designed the Cree village of Oujé-Bougamou in Norther Québec and who is also the principal designer for the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian.

The Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Alberta. Find out about their First Nations Exhibits

The National Museum of the American Indian in New York City which was designed by architect Douglas Cardinal who also designed the Canadian Musem of Civilization and the Cree village of Oujé-Bougoumou in Northern Québec.

The Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona

Native North American Collections at the Mathers Museum

Indian Museums in South Dakota

North: Landscape of the Imagination, a digital exhibit by the National Library of Canada

Le Musée amérindien de Mashteuiatsh in Mashteuiatsh (Pointe-Bleue), Québec

Native languages

Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit (Eskimo) people of Canada

Writing in Inuktitut : An Historical Perspective

Introduction to Lakhota

Audio (933 kb WAV file) of Joline John, daughter of Paul John, speaking in Yupik about what an exhibition of Yupik Masks at the Smithsonian means to her.

At the Aboriginal Language Information System web site you can log on as a guest and look up words in Cree, Ojibwe, Oji-Cree and Dakota. They have sound files so you can hear the words being pronounced.

Audio files to help you learn Inuktitut from the Nunavut Handbook

Write in Inuktitut

Mi'kmaq-Mi'gmaq Online Talking Dictionary Project

Michif, the language of the Metis which is a combination of French and Cree

People and places

Explorer's Guide to the Northwest Territories

First Nations Communities in Ontario

Maps and information about the native communities in Québec

First Nations communities with contact information: Québec, the Maritime Provinces, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, from Native Trail

The Native Trail - First Nations and Inuit in Quebec

The Metis National Council

Mike Sack's Mi'kmaq Place

Larry spent a year in Greenland in 1967-68 at the Thule Air Force Base.

An introduction to Ojibway culture and history by Kevin Callahan at the University of Minnesota

Oujé-Bougoumou, a fabulous Cree village on the shore of Lake Opemiska in northern Québec. Many of the village's  public buildings were designed by the renowned architect Douglas Cardinal, who also designed the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, Québec and who is also the principal designer for the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian.

Who was Nanook of the North? See Search for Nanook

A Guide to the Great Sioux Nation

Canada now has a new Inuit Territory called Nunavut

Nunatsiaq News - Nunavut's Community Newspaper

Life in Alaska before the arrival of the Europeans

A photographic essay about the Cree people of northern Quebec by Norman Chance and Paul Conklin

The Algonquin people of Golden Lake, Ontario

Powwows and dancing

Find out about powwows


The Pow Wow Connection has pow wow listings


Christy Hensler's amazing quillwork

Porcupine quillwork from NativeTech

Nancy Fonicello's Ancient Artways Studios - beautiful quillwork from Montana

Custom quillwork by Minx

Custom quillwork by Ravenshead Tiwahe

Kimimi's beadwork and quillwork


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