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Moccasin # 80

This dainty pair of moccasins is made of very soft elk hide with double soles for durability. They have yellow, coral, light blue and white flowers beaded on blue-green wool and are trimmed with luxurious cream mink fur. They are lined with white polar fleece. See a close-up of the beadwork.

Moccasin # 71

Joe wanted these moccasins to celebrate his Métis heritage. The beadwork is inspired by a picture of Louis Riel's coat, now in the Canadian Museum of Civilization. The mocs are made of brain-tanned smoked moosehide and the beadwork is done on black wool stroud. See a close up of the beadwork (44K)

Moccasin # 76

I made this pair of moccasins for my friend Bea in West Virginia. Bea's favourite colour is purple so I beaded bright flowers on purple wool and lined them with purple fleece. They are made with lightly smoked moosehide from James Bay. See a close-up of the beadwork (44k)

Moccasin # 75

These moccasins are made of smoked brain-tanned moosehide and have beaded flowers on white wool vamps. They are lined with soft blue polar fleece and are trimmed with thick beaver fur. The have now gone to live in Oklahoma.

Moccasin # 70

Keith (Littlebear) is a powwow dancer in Virginia. He wanted moccasins to complete his regalia. These mocs have fully beaded vamps and fringes around the ankles. See a photo of Keith at a powwow in North Carolina (32K)

Moccasin # 65

Jim ordered these moccasins for his wife Pam. They are made of moosehide, lined with fleece and beaded on white wool stroud.

Moc #49 Moccasin # 49

The vamps on these moccasins are completely beaded, even the blue background. The bottoms are made of smoked moosehide and they are trimmed with beaver fur and lined with polar fleece. These moccasins went to live in Germany.

Moc #57 Moccasin # 57

These moccasins were made for Rich in Chicago. They are made of smoked moosehide and the animal on the vamps is a mythical Ojibwe creature called an underwater panther.

Moc #58 Moccasin # 58

Rod in Aylmer, Quebec, builds canoes and wanted a plain pair of moccasins for work and paddling. They are made of deerhide with canvas ankle flaps.

Moc # 27 Moccasin # 27

This old fashioned style has a small vamp and pointed toes. They are made of soft deerskin with flowers beaded on black velveteen and fringes around the ankles and are lined with black polar fleece.


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